Benzax Spray Sanitizer Alcohol-Free (16 Oz)



Benzax Spray Sanitizer Alcohol-Free (16 Oz)

Subject:Kill Coronavirus in seconds!
The most effective and safe sanitizer that won’t damage your skin!
Eliminate 99.99% of fungus, germs, virus and bacteria in just 30 seconds!

Benzax is an alcohol-free hand body and clothing sanitizer that moisturizes the skin while destroying 100 to 1,000 times more germs than name-brand alcohol-based hand sanitizers
Independent laboratory testing has shown that in the first thirty seconds, Benzax kills 120 times more bacteria than PurellTM or Germ-XTM brands
Although it is made within the standard protocols established by the FDA, Benzax Systems uses the Hy-IQ property to enhance the standard biocide’s performance, allowing the product to be price competitive while surpassing other products in efficacy
Benzax is a unique sanitizer essential for every house, office or general working environment. Benzax with Hy-IQTM works instantly kills and sanitizes hands, arms or wherever applied including surfaces. Benzax is an essential tool for medical personnel

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