The leading provider of prepaid telecom services

ePOS has the most intuitive and rapid interface in the industry, with a find and transact feature to simplify the sales process for busy store personnel.

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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Customized and on-demand reports provide vital sales and marketing intelligence.

Accounting Resources

Accounting Resources

SAP-powered accounting software records every transaction and delivers this data over a secure connection.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Our relationship with international carriers and service providers assures a comprehensive line of prepaid services for any market.

24 x 7 Support

24 x 7 Support

Our Customer Support is available for any queries or help that you may require 24 x 7.

About EasyCall®

Easy Call® delivers profitable retail prepaid programs through its proprietary Point-Of-Sale (ePOS) technology. ePOS allows distributors, ISOs, retailers, carriers and service providers to participate in this dynamic industry through this turnkey solution. Its prepaid national/international wireless and long-distance telecommunications services are vital to urban and immigrant communities. Easy Call® is a Chicago, IL based corporation founded in 1994.


ePOS EasyCall

Easy Call® has pioneered retail prepaid services through…
  • A proprietary web-based platform guaranteed to deliver secure distribution and transfer of prepaid services through state-of-the-art technology and high-end server hardware
  • Profitable sales and marketing programs for distributors, independent sales organizations (ISOs), retailers, carriers and service providers

Easy Call® created an unparalleled consumer network platform through:
  • Extensive insight into the needs and demands or a diverse Hispanic and urban demographic
  • Sustained growth in volume of prepaid transactions
  • Retailers – majority of Epos sales points are supermarkets, gas stations, cellular stores, and other community retail stores.
  • National and international service providers discover demand and acquire new relevant consumers through the ePOS extensive national network
ePOS EasyCall


Our portfolio of services include:

Unique Product Categories

Product Categories

Product Development


Market Development


Sales and Distribution Channels

Sales and
Distribution Channels

Bilingual Customer Service and Technical Support

Bilingual Customer Service
and Technical Support

POS Distribution Channels

The network reaches into every level of the industry delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services to sales channels as well as acting as a distribution pipeline for products from select service providers and carriers.


Majority of ePOS sales points are supermarkets, gas stations and other community retail stores catering to un-banked/under-banked urban and ethnic communities

Electronic POS Networks and ISO’s

Existing retail electronic networks use the ePOS network to increase available products as their client’s profile diversifies

Service Providers and Carriers

National and international service providers discover demand and acquire new relevant consumers through Easy Call’s expansive network.